Block Scheduling at HVRHS

The incoming Region One superintendent of schools (current assistant superintendent) has decided to implement a new schedule for Housatonic Regional Valley High School.  The new schedule is a “modified 4×4 block” schedule. Under this new system, the school day would be broken into 4 long class periods plus a short “intervention block” in between.  Most classes will occupy one long block every day at the same time but complete in only half a year, allowing for a total of 8 classes (4 per half-year semester).  Some classes (band, ag, world languages and AP classes) will be “A/B” classes.  These classes will only be held every other day (in a long block) but will run all year long.

The reason for this is, ostensibly, to reduce the number of D’s and F’s.  The precise mechanism that allows this is unclear, however, anyone wishing to read more on it can find a document on the high school website called Communication Points about a 4×4 Semester Schedule.

We believe that the proposed block schedule is a bad plan that will decrease the quality of education that our children receive.  See why we’re opposed.

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