Thank You !


March 23, 2017 by stoptheblockhvrhs

This blog was created to share the views of a loosely affiliated group of parents that are only a small subset of the large community that was engaged in this process.  We’ll undoubtedly never know how many people were involved and in what way.  We’re appreciative of the efforts of everyone who took part !

Special thanks to:

Sharon first selectman Brent Colley (and other town selectmen who spent time with Brent) for his unwavering dedication to the residents of the town.

Sharon BOE and ABC committee member Doug Cahill for his excellent representation of community members.

The Waterbury Republican-American for Ruth Epstein’s long time coverage of our little corner of the state.

Janet Manko at the Lakeville Journal for working with editorial writers to ensure their sometimes-lengthy opinions were published in a timely manner.

Last, but far from least, Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman, for their ongoing service to the northwest corner.  From personal editorials to the Region One Report, which has been doing just what it’s name suggests for five years, they have been advocates for effective and transparent governance of Region One for a long time.  And Robin Hood Radio is a great community resource.

4 thoughts on “Thank You !

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the post 3/31 new block schedule address concerns?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Another secret committee to address the concerns of a select group? Is this parent committee comprised of those who prefaced all their comments with, “My daughter is an honor student…?”

    These meetings just brought to the forefront more and more questions. And the solution seems to be more clandestine decision making? Is this blog now defunct? Are these select Sharon parents now satisfied because they are part of the inner circle?


    • After one parent meeting, we don’t know very much about how open the administration truly is regarding our concerns, nor how willing they are to bring faculty input to the parents in that group. There is plenty to be concerned about in this process, and a small few with concerns are continuing to write editorials and contact BOE members. The purpose of this blog has always been to share our views with the broader community, including the majority of residents who do not have children in school. So as long as the administration is promising to work with us and to get more involvement from teachers, it seems counterproductive to fight publicly.
      Until we know more, we would be happy to post submissions from concerned parents – concerned about the openness of the process, pace, the lack of faculty input or anything else. (We have solicited submissions from a large email distribution list in the past, but have only ever received material from a very few parents). And we’ll think about what to put into a post to let people know the blog isn’t dead yet.


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