A parent’s letter to local representatives


March 11, 2017 by stoptheblockhvrhs

Many parents have been contacting BOE members recently.  Here’s one such letter that was shared with us:

Region 1 BOE members,
Region 1 ABC members,
SCS BOE members,
Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain, 
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Pam Vogel
Incoming Assistant Superintendent Lisa Carter,
Dr. Jose Martinez,
Mr. Ian Strever, 
First Selectman Colley,
Representative Ohler,
Please consider this correspondence to the Region One board and to the ABC Committee and read this letter into the meeting minutes of the next meeting or special meeting.
Based on opposition from stakeholders and the lack of information & cooperation, we strongly feel that the block schedule 4 x 4 or the 4 x 4 A/B  schedule “proposal” should be tabled until such time as sufficient evidence exists that this would be a positive change to HVRHS students and the faculty and staff have had enough time to review their curriculum and to adapt it to this format. Tabled as long as that may take, to properly educate, train and prepare all stakeholders.
Thank you in advance for representing your region.
Stacy & Bob Duncan
Concerned Stakeholders 
Sharon, CT

One thought on “A parent’s letter to local representatives

  1. Jessica Stedman says:

    Great letter guys !!!!


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