HVRHS’ “unique” schedule

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March 1, 2017 by stoptheblockhvrhs

While reading the case studies presented in Block Scheduling – Innovations with Time to prepare last night’s post, we ran across one particularly interesting school.  This lengthy paper, which presents both pros and cons of block scheduling, along with necessary steps for successful implementation (which HVRHS will NOT be following) reports on Sharon High School in Sharon, MA.

According to the paper, Sharon High School implemented a “unique” schedule that the teachers “approved by concensus”.  It uses a six day rotation in which “every major academic class meets four times”.  Two of those four blocks are longer than the other two.  And classes rotate through the cycle “so that students only have first period English once”.  Classes are year long.

So here is a case study in an article on innovations with scheduling that looks at a school that resembles HVRHS in many ways.  A multi-day rotation in which all classes meet several times, but not every day, giving students (and teachers) a break.  Variation in classroom times, allowing teachers to go into material in more depth some days while reducing the number of times they need to keep student’s focused for long blocks.  And rotating classes so that no single class suffers from meeting first thing in the morning every day.

This isn’t about resistance to change.  We’ve already gone beyond the block schedule.  What we have is better.

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