“Blue Mondays”

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March 1, 2017 by stoptheblockhvrhs

Sharon parent, Chris Coon sent this in:

Our current schedule, which most of the faculty seem quite happy with, was implemented in 2014. Prior to that HVRHS used an alternating week schedule, former students and their parents will remember this as Blue and Gold weeks. Blue and Gold weeks both had long blocks and short, if I remember correctly the Mondays had consecutive long blocks, I always will remember the “Oh I hate Blue Mondays” comments from my daughter. I believe the faculty was not so thrilled about them either.
My point here is that many of our teachers have had a taste of consecutive long block classes, and could have given valuable input to the topic if they were consulted prior to the administration decision to implement the Modified 4×4 system. These are teachers that know our students, know our community, and know us. It seems unbelievable that a new administrator, who is also new to the region, would not consult with the faculty before making such a change

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