Parent’s concern


February 28, 2017 by stoptheblockhvrhs

(Posted on behalf of a Region 1 parent)

If the administration’s primary motive for implementing the new schedule is due to the number of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 D’s and F’s (despite the fact that these numbers have gone down in the past 3 years), perhaps the new grading system implemented 2016-2017 is to blame. I know my student ONLY received credit in Algebra 2 for tests, quizzes and power standard checks. NO credit was given for classwork, homework, labs etc. This procedure, also, was inconsistent, as all teachers were not using the same grading system.

One thought on “Parent’s concern

  1. Kim Holback says:

    I agree. Both of my children lost their motivation with doing homework because it isn’t counted and my daughter is in honors. I think homework and class participation should definitely count for something. They are still high schoolers! This and block scheduling is for college students! Most high school students don’t have the attention span for 80 min classes everyday.


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